Skinny Puppy Q+A


Photo by Emile Elizabeth & John Kraw

Last week I got to interview one of my biggest creative/musical inspirations, Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy. He talked about his fascination with the horror genre, the end of the world and a secret project he’s working on. He also hinted at a new ohGr album.

Here’s a snippet:

You speak out on a number of issues, like animal rights and, most recently, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. From the band’s onset, what was foremost in your mind – being an artist or being an activist?

I never considered myself an artist. Animals obviously were one of the most important things to me because the abuse of animals when I was young was horrifying to me, and factory farming, vivisection – all of these things.

The idea of Skinny Puppy at the beginning was life through a dog’s eyes and seeing things and not being able to really speak, and you just bark, you just yell, and that’s all you could do. So that kind of was the initial thing, as well as a childish sort of need to want to scare people or freak people out or wake people up.

Click here to read the full Q+A I did for Reverb.

I also had a chance to catch their show with Youth Code on Nov. 18 in Boulder. Click here for my review.

Back End of Beyond

Far gone, on the
back end of beyond
it’s the same song
but we keep on humming

keep on falling in line
falling behind
ignoring the signs
and checking the symptoms

weak wrist soft pulse
checking for a thought
but there’s nothing
original to be sought

anger will get us in the end
the death of us will
not be televised
will not be worth a mention

blah blah blah
just spew it all out
just bleed it all out
and start over again

Watered Down

My expectations
are disillusioned,
tricked into believing
what you want from me
is the same as
what I want from me.
my fire has been
and I have no time
for phoenix metaphors.
do you burn bright?
do you burn brighter than
the shadows in your mind.
there are hands on my throat,
I’m not even sure if they’re mine.
my passion is
the ice in my glass,
rapidly melting.
I’m left watered down.
I’m left with my own crumbs.

I’m not sure what to make of me.

Personal Fog

Fog is thick
in this battered mind
my thoughts are thoughtless
driving around without headlights
seat belt, but no direction


causing accidents, imagined
exploding glass
ribs snap
internal bleeding
hemorrhaging in brain

this fog, it’s thick
even when

signs are neon bright
even when

I know
which path is right

I deviate
a-stuttering & stammering
I choose the wrong words
& choke on them

stuck in a dream
my priorities,
they need unfucked

I need to wake up
from this waking life

the future scares me

yet I know I’m not alone