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These are some photos I took at the Aurora memorial last night. I think the photos speak for themselves, but I’d just like to say that I’ve never before witnessed such a community gathering – especially in my hometown. The memorial site left me rather speechless. © Copyright Steve Shultz. All rights reserved.

In Dreams

my murderer
used the dullest
of blades

to slit my throat
in a dream state

a bloodless scratch
i peeled apart skin
to help him along

looked in the mirror
to see what’s inside

surprised to find
that which can’t die

pathetic scare
a nightmare butcher
with a butter knife

who can’t even kill me
in dreams


© Copyright Steve Shultz. All rights reserved.


No, no, no

please let it be
just a dream
a smokescreen
to sunset serene

please let me wake
in mother’s arms
safe from harm

care free
& sure-fire
twinkle in eye
putting out pyres

please not
let it be real
it’s surreal
how I feel

please let this be
a movie
on my HD
TV screen

not this 3-D
violent scene
so concrete
here before me

please let it be
just a movie
cannot unsee
what I have seen


© Copyright Steve Shultz. All rights reserved.


third-rate hosts
carving Pac-Man
pie charts

while populace
to winged belief

stay warm on ill-repute
in low-rent

TV evangelist
turning orgies
into art form

mendicant mugged
for wallet
emptied of vice


© Copyright Steve Shultz. All rights reserved.


Ups & downs
inviting whiplash

I make my home
in a dreamlike middle ground

like some meditating mediator

with thought not all

some are hurtful
blind rage

ripping off the band-aid
before there’s a scab to pick

lie in wait for bubble to burst
snagged on your jagged edge


© Copyright Steve Shultz. All rights reserved.


Sharing a cell
with my former self

locking horns in this pissing match
for a hole in the ground

fond memories fade like
a photograph
dusty in its elegant frame

I do not recognize that man
I do not recollect the time
it took to get here

caught in a wrinkle
in his leathered face
a speck absorbed in
tractor-beam rays

man so wicked in his ways
defining crime
to pass the time
past, the point
of realization now
someday, a page ripped
from the wall

clock hands cover mouth too afraid to speak


© Copyright Steve Shultz. All rights reserved.