Id Ego

Wandering subconscious. Munching on cheese puffs. Wiping on T-shirts with motivational messages. Washing down beer carbs. Burping up trivia. Watching entertainment in the form of tits and violence. Pigskin and soft core. Id masturbating on linen. Drooling on pillows. Breathing in false hope. Spitting out hard truths. Microwaving our conscience. Carefully cleaning our ego.


Broken Teeth

Sorting thru thrift store
of fractured past
buffing out the cracks in
splintered glass

ancient armchair
a petri dish of hate

bottled up inside
and capped
bitch slapped
shaken up and
bursting to implode

to be all so
politically correct
upending very character
so long as we do not offend

conjuring lackluster
words to mince
in splints
broken teeth from choking
on the meaning

he claims to see it all
a windowless view

wanting to touch
so much everything so
worried about
leaving fingerprints

Dim Light

True being
tangled up
in living
& neutrons
wrapped up
in package of
when not busy
with serving self
on silver platters
meeting in person
a comic book inkling
retrograde reminiscence
sleeping bodies
you never knew
were there in dim light
finding diamonds
in a thrift store bin
peeling half-off tag from ass
settling for something less than
what is worth
snowflakes fall from
your enchanted eyelids
offerings promises
of a warmer season
gargling reason
with a mouthful of flies
lying to yourself about
when the mirror was cracked
from first place recollection
surprised by flat tire
along road trip of realization
finding self
through billboards
of utmost proclaimation