Haiku 3.30.16

residual id;
don’t bother teaching new tricks
to dogs of routine



Perpetually wrecked
erect ineffectually
anatomically incorrect
dissect, be sure there’s something left

plagued with heartache
unearthed inheritance
tattooed upon your back

don’t look now, but
your shadow’s separating
don’t look back, but
everything you care about

is following in your footsteps

quicksand abyss

dna means nothing
when you are spirited

I see you
floating there
still you care
for what
you’ve left behind

could’ve done better
could’ve done worse
arrive into cold hands
depart in a hearse

searching for
a fountain of youth
found too many distractions
along the way

I never wanted to be apart from you
but this dagger cut deeper than I ever thought it could


It’s hard to capture
in a bottle
when you’re constantly
tipping it back
washing it down
pissing it out

you think you’re a genius
in this very moment

but you wake up
just the same as the rest of us

with a sore back
& drool on your pillow
and, if you’re lucky, you
remember how you got here
if not, maybe you’re missing
huge chunks of a eureka moment
or just another embarrassing Thursday night

Last Remaining Light

The last remaining light shines
through her bedroom
as she tells me
how much she loves me
a hyperbole
I impossibly attempt
to one up

I agree to read her
just one more book
it’s a short one
Happy Easter Little Critter
and moments later
I can tell by
her breathing
that she’s on her way to sweet dreams

and I am left here
wondering how I shape her
what’s she thinking
what she’s really dreaming
how long it takes to
no longer need me
how long it will be
before she’s independent

by now the light’s out
the sun is down
it’s pitch black in here
she is snoring
I’m left thinking
all these deep thoughts
that escape me during daylight
that wash over me now like a flood