Perpetually wrecked
erect ineffectually
anatomically incorrect
dissect, be sure there’s something left

plagued with heartache
unearthed inheritance
tattooed upon your back

don’t look now, but
your shadow’s separating
don’t look back, but
everything you care about

is following in your footsteps

quicksand abyss

dna means nothing
when you are spirited

I see you
floating there
still you care
for what
you’ve left behind

could’ve done better
could’ve done worse
arrive into cold hands
depart in a hearse

searching for
a fountain of youth
found too many distractions
along the way

I never wanted to be apart from you
but this dagger cut deeper than I ever thought it could


Body Bag

I am just a body

I am ribs
& blood
& pancreas

I need insulin to live

I am brain
& I am heart
& I am fat

I need directions to survive

I am just a body

I am breath
one away from death
& I am sad

I need instructions to revive

I am nerves
& bone
& nails & hair

I need medicine to level out

I am not this body

I am but
a mass of flesh
& feelings atrophied

I need attention to thrive

I am nothing
I am vacuum
a bag of gas

& I am easily let down


ultimate question
answer as first seems
sure eyes
bulletproof odds
in favor waiting
devise a plan
stuff your philosophy

find out
beneath the cowl
made things worse
wrestling inner turmoil
depiction set forth
trying to figure out

disagreements over vision