Leather Skin

Leather skin
I’ve a leather skin
I need it to
keep the world
from seeping in

Its pins its pricks
can’t pierce
this calloused skin

Its bombs its clocks
can’t blow up
this repetition

Let it bleed
let the world bleed
through the heart
of this paper
thin skin


no matter where i am
i always want the opposite
give me a paid vacation
i’d rather work for free
i rise to an orange burst sunrise
i’d rather be asleep
give me a future of possibilities
here i am grasping to childhood dreams
i am seeing the full spectrum of colors
but i am yearning for black and white
i have a home a heart that’s full of motion
yet here i am clinging to a thought of still life
i’ve got stars in my sky
but all i see is black night
mind is always moving backward or forward
so hard to stay in the present
no matter what i am
i always want the opposite