Back End of Beyond

Far gone, on the
back end of beyond
it’s the same song
but we keep on humming

keep on falling in line
falling behind
ignoring the signs
and checking the symptoms

weak wrist soft pulse
checking for a thought
but there’s nothing
original to be sought

anger will get us in the end
the death of us will
not be televised
will not be worth a mention

blah blah blah
just spew it all out
just bleed it all out
and start over again



Life can be such a dick
measuring contest
to some

but I find
I don’t live my life

in inches
or soundbites

portfolio asshole
I got what I got
& I don’t need to stretch the truth

Dispelled Spirits

charbroiled barrels
carry my poison
hundreds of miles

fuck the flask,
I want that oak

I want my soul
aged & soaked

my thoughts are abrasive

I’m burning away
my grievances
one drop at a time

so if you need me,
pull up a splintered
barstool and
join me in distilling
my combustible self

(Co-written with Christopher Rupley. Check out more of his work here.)