Beating Life

So much
in my head
so much more
before me
I am blessed
and most days
I waste it
so much to
be thankful for
and some days
I forget it
I want to know
what am I doing
where am I headed
I want to absorb
retain, reclaim
my purpose
and obtain
the right
to this
beating life


A Night of Things We Won’t Remember

Pace yourself
before you
erase yourself

lately I’ve been acting
like I am
15 years younger

we spent all our time
committing a night
of things we won’t remember

I will let go completely
once I am
in your custody

Photos: Incubus/Deftones, Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Some amazing photographs here from my colleague Seth McConnell. I had the pleasure of being at this show and writing the review (see Seth’s link to Reverb). It truly was one of the best concerts I’ve seen this year.

Another Big Adventure

MORRISON, CO - AUGUST 24: Incubus performs at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on August 24, 2015. (Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post) MORRISON, CO – AUGUST 24: Incubus performs at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on August 24, 2015. (Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post)

A little over a decade ago I had tickets to see Incubus at Red Rocks. I had made plans with friends to go, worked on saving money to drive from South Dakota down to Morrison for a few days and attend the show. Through a series of unfortunate events, I was convinced that I didn’t have the money and had to back out at the last-minute only to check my bank account the day of the show, well after my friends had left for Colorado, to find my bank account padded by several hundred dollars. I still kick myself for not going to the show. Luckily they recorded it for a DVD and I get to see my friends sitting in the front row having an…

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Galactic Icebox

Judge me in orbit
where you are
running out of air,
where my mask is
far too thin
for me to be concerned
with your errant actions

Walking the cold steel
of the bow
reminds me of home,
of the hollow words
that always carried
me to you
like a drifting,
stinging point
burned into my

I am running
out of oxygen,
but all I can think about

is you

I am running on
empty because
that is how you left me

I am running
out of words
for you

the ink is running
in my eyes

in low-Earth orbit
and alone

Tomorrow is
another day
& you’re not here

You’re floating
away from me
in a relative,
distant form,
and the Red Shift
shines on your
conscience like
the blood that runs
down my palms,

reaching toward you,
dried and forsaken

I am in a snowdrift
in my own creation

away from the stern
warmth of the Sun,
and into the cold fingers
of empty space

Your eyes
are quicksand,
and I am stuck in place,

like a black hole
that swallows all which
is wandering,
and misplaced at the core
of existence

© Christopher Rupley and Steve Shultz 2015


Sing along
to blues
& broken heart songs

by bruised egos
& broken bones

words memorized
voices unified
in calamity

a car crash
causing stares
unsheathing makeup mirrors

masses lifted
in tragedy

jaws yawn
in routine
missing the point