A Lament

Seated at an overcrowded bar
drinking an overpriced beer
mind overstimulated
body not at all relaxed
grasping for vocabulary
that is not overused


at the table next to me

on a conversation

they’ll say something
more interesting
than what I’m thinking

dressed for mediocrity
but I’m trying a new dish on the menu

that is so not like me


Quantum Leap

I remember watching
sci-fi with Dad
X-Files, Quantum Leap
and mysteries unsolved

now he reads
nothing but nonfiction

all grown up, I still find escape
through fantasy & poetry

I wonder how much I will change
in 30 years

Switching Hands

Today I will:

brush my teeth
with my left hand;

take an undiscovered
route to work;

walk a different sidewalk;

visit a store
that I have no business
being in;

try a strange new food
and like it;

learn to pronounce
a foreign word;

talk to a stranger;

pick up trash on a street
adjacent to my own;

volunteer at a soup kitchen
or at my son’s school;

write a letter
no one will read;

paint a picture
or plunge my hands
in wet clay;

log out of Facebook;

play hookie;

and photograph ghosts.

Today I will stare at the sun.


Disastrous paths
weaving into a
Starry Night
a rough draft
of perfection

I am not asking
for approval
or a grain
of validation
is as it should be
color, minutiae

I am critically
ungiving of a fuck
don’t need mud-sling
a dime for time unwinding
in a fine line

perfection is perforated

there are holes
in every fucking thing
living, nonliving

so stop looking for the sutures

These Words by Steve Shultz – ZINE PREVIEW!!!

Check out Bard Publishing’s poetry blog and soon-to-be-released “Indecent Vol. 1” zine, for which the eds. have selected a few of my words. Good stuff! Give ’em a follow.


These words

have failed

to contain

the very

essence of me

deep down

beyond the pain


& twisted entrails

these words

are useless

they serve

no purpose

these words


to convey

yet they


define me


This is one of three poems by Steve Shultz that are in Indecent Volume 1!  Thanks Steve!

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Deputized Inertia

Deputized inertia
on a stagnant stalwart
waiting in lie
nostrils filled with dirt
stealing the warmth of others
when everything’s cold
everything’s dead and cold
putting up fences
just to mend them
looking for soul
couple miles down the road
four-car pileup
pooling on the blacktop
agreeing to a degree
of surrender