I’m either on
or I’m off


I am
the finger
to flip my mood


Not grounded,
I may be shocked
by faulty wiring


the breaker
to turn me off/on


I’m either up
or I am down


She she she
the finger
to flip me on or off


you are limited
to +/-


She turns me on
she turns me off
I turn me on I turn me off


Fuck you switch
I’m either off
or I’m on


Liquid Dreams

so limiting
gaseous intention
liquid dreams

and if you drain me i will bleed
and if you drain me i will bleed

where will you go to?
after you’re done with me

when bones brittle
when muscles atrophy
when these fingers bleed no more

will you still write
dark poetry
& chase those liquid dreams?

will you have accepted
there is no better place to be

To a Nub

This constant need for validation
Nervous & neurotic
Counting thumbs & friends
& seconds shed
& minutes eternity
Mental patience
Seeking asylum
in a silent scream
Chewing fingers to a nub
Craving cavities
just to be full/filled
All grown up &
still a child
Frozen in memories
A fossil, a relic
a wristwatch
out of time
Cracked hands
from grasping at straws
Nervous & neurotic
This valid constant need

Validated Fruit

i want to write something you will read
i want to be the hole you feed
the tourniquet when your mind bleeds
validated fruit
seed, i want to be your giving tree

your life’s tome, Petrarchan conceit
your clean sheets and in between
i want to be all things you hide & seek
calibrated truth
solid ground underneath your feet

Dry Socket

You froze me in your ocean of discontent
content with spraying negative excess
on my face and pavement
heartache splayed
in all directions
such a glorious hard-on
for unhappy thoughts
such bliss in pulling
others down into
your poison pit
you spit shit
and all kinds of nonsense
toilet soul
all broken pipes
and leaking acid

I will have nothing to do
with you
it’s true

you think you’re sharp
but I will have nothing to do
with your icicle eyes
dry socket
you’ve nothing left to say