Small Talk

spouting off
small talk
prattling nonsense
it’s all I hear
fanatical static
I want silence
shut up

A Child’s Pause

Bundled up in winter
coat & mittens,
time stands still as
she pauses to catch
snowflakes on her tongue

A child is not concerned with being late for school

I V.

Make a wish to be a star
steal a star to be a wish
fake a smile to be a person
take a smile to be the truth

make a deal to better yourself
lose yourself to advance in life
rule a routine just to get by
fool everybody just to get by

when what you really need
is just to get right
when what you really need
is just to get right

we get by & we never
get it right
we get by but we
don’t get things right

we disappoint with
every exhale
we miss the point
with every inhale

we lose ourselves
in every worthwhile
we waste our time
all the while

shake off meetings with a ghost
fake the meaning behind a toast
break bread with common enemies
make a deal with a thief

what I really need v.
what I know I want
what I really want
v. what I need to know