Respite, some respite
When’s it going to come
Just a little awning
to duck beneath the sun

When it rains it pours,
my Mother used to say

Grew up too fast,
we grew up too fast
We forgot all of the fun
We learned to overthink

Remember, remember
Nothing lasts forever

My Last Confession

Over and over
and what is the point?

I lie down and practice
as if I forget how it’s done

Praying to nameless
that these chest pains
are only anxiety

I keep on doing it,
this living thing
Keep on continuing
because I do not
know anything else

And over and over
So what is the point?

Struggling to find the strength
to remove this mental blade
from my ribs

*** ***

Today is day 67 since my last drink.
It’s been 80 days since my last confession.


Rock Chandelier

I am outweighed
By anchors ripping clouds
By upstanding conveyances
Sky bound

No more dismay
No more adjectives for
falling airplanes and poking at

Happy to say
The sky is the limit
Willing to break rock chandelier
with fall

By things do change
For the better if I
grab the wheel and steer this vessel
off rocks

will be that day
I’m taking back the reins
I’m melting icebergs, removing

No more dismay
The sky is the limit
Grab the reins and steer this vessel
sky bound


From my debut poetry book, FM Ghost, available online.