Looking for
I am feeling
of purpose
Of feeling
I am meaning
To do something
I am lapsing in
My judgement
I am lacking
As a husband
A father
As a self, myself
I am battling in my health
A child’s laugh
Makes me smile
But now my tears
Are all grown up
I’m all grown up
But now my tears
are welling up

I’ve been gone too long
now it’s time to come back home



It’s an old-fashioned cave-in
dirty clothes
dust in the nose
our god has run out
& there’s no one to save him

Out-sold, we’ve rationed our savings
stretched our souls
thin, wallowing in woes
our now has been washed out
by past & future’s mad ravings

It’s an every-day situation
shocked into reality when
we prefer oblivion
we revel in the effects
but forget the causation

Outdone in every disregard
left a hole
when should have been bold
sold has-been this moment
our intentions have been marred

It’s never enough
when you cannot fulfill
Swallowed whole
chasing the tail
of the American dream