She is the Reason 

I want to be
her Pangea
I want to be
her stained glass
her image
in rain drops
her vestige
in icicles
I want to be
more than
just me
a shared Picasso
a lifted Van Gogh
I want to be
an inspiration
to others
but I cannot
uplift myself
I want to be
a display
in stenciled
brilliant lights
I want to be
a snowman
in a perfect
Christmas village
she would be
my icicle lights
my perfect display
self sustained
my perfect
my out of order
every day
I am a mud pie
I am the sleep in her eye
I am a misfire
I am the opposite of die
I am still sleeping
I am the opposite of dream
She is
the pendent
on my breast
She is
the reason.


Stoned Age

I am listening
to the sounds
of my youth
two thousand and one
System of a Down
the lyrics
it’s all so
right now
I’m 15 years older
but how the fuck
have we not progressed?
we are stuck in the stone age
as we bomb our enemies
into the stone age
we are proud
of our technology
proud of our
but nothing’s changed
& we claim
we’ve come so far


So much pain
& hurt
how do we weigh
our worth
against it

I sit here
& read the news
& drink my beer
& wash my tears

I’ll send a card
& hope it helps
& brings a smile
to this
parentless child

but I feel jaded
& I can only hope
that this child
has more hope
than I