3: Poems for My Wife and Kids


I’m happy to announce that my second book of poetry has been published. Over the past six years or so, I’ve written a number of poems about/for my wife and children. This fall I decided to pick the best ones, make a book out of them, and publish it on the heels of our 10th wedding anniversary. I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out.

So sweet
I smell her hair
as she listens to my heart beat

3: Poems for My Wife and Kids” is just that — a collection of love poems inspired by the three most important people in my life. The book of more than 50 poems, written mostly in short form, offers a glimpse of the first decade of a marriage and the wisdom gleaned from two young children.

Fans of my shorter poems — and anyone with young children — should find the book enjoyable. The book is available to purchase via Amazon and the CreateSpace store (this option puts more money in my pocket).

Sun and moon combined
I live to revolve around them
My son and daughter

P.S. My first book, FM Ghost, is still available for purchase as well.

Thanks for reading and following my work!


In & Out

Spiders & snakes
in & out of head space
want to be something
but self keeps
supergluing building blocks
obstacles in way
never watching what is said
I build my self up;
tear me down in fall
never listening
because I know it all

Just the Same


face down, they
found him in a ditch

murmuring heartbeat
dastardly distraction

just don’t have time
to battle with
calluses all day

a scoop of ice cream
in a root beer mug

a snake
in your birthday cake
still licking frosting
from cookie fingers

a rattled escapade
taking for granted
this heavy-handed
misinterpreted miasma

here I am
in front of three-way mirror

flossing teeth
of day’s things


in place of


patting down
to find
peace of mind

so sad
this sorry
sack of

eyes are glued just
the same