News Junky

The deaths of six wild horses
Rob Zombie crowdfunds killer clown movie
Burton’s movie might retroactively mark the moment
where it was to evacuate two Americans infected with Ebola
MTV Showed Dead Man’s Body
neighbors concerned about chive fest
more than just Hollywood’s sanguine Colonel Sanders
It nabbed 1 billion Twitter impressions
deliberately left blank spaces
After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today
the infant was left brain dead
The actor, along with Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar,
had signed an open letter denouncing Israeli military
From the annals of reality show nightmares
entire teenage pop culture prism
Pine sawfly reaches ‘epidemic’ levels
giant turns to its insurer
defoliating ponderosa pines south
virgin territory
cease-fire in the Gaza conflict early
The OSI Group, one of the top meat
Shaq & Waka Flaka Sued For Mocking
shorter previous cease-fire that fell apart
Justin & Orlando
right to make end-of-life decisions

*Disclaimer: This poem is made entirely from copied & pasted news headlines and phrases from news & celebrity news articles.


Milk Thistle & Dandelion

Mainlining milk thistle dandelion Zion
Mainlining milk thistle dandelion Zion
Supplementing failing support systems
Supplementing failing support systems
Mainlining Zion, support systems failing
Thistle supplementing dandelion milk

Doubting body’s mechanistic defense
Doubting body’s mechanistic defense
Reevaluating time’s questionable relativity
Reevaluating time’s questionable relativity
Questionable, time’s defense doubting
Reevaluating relativity, body’s mechanistic

Balloon expands to before bursting
Balloon expands to before bursting
To give, how much air is pinched away
To give, how much air is pinched away
How much air, balloon expands to before
Is pinched away, bursting to give

Milk is pinched to give support
Body’s supplementing defense thistle
Systems failing, how questionable time’s
Relativity mainlining mechanistic much
Dandelion bursting before doubting expands
Away balloon air, reevaluating Zion

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub’s FormForAll Paradelles prompt.

Palm Reading

Staring at my hand,
I’m reading not my future
nor my past

but this very moment

lines upon my palm;
I see it all
a certain wavy clarity

I see it all in the
lines upon my palms
at this moment
universes are expanding,
contained in my right hand

I see it all
by myself
in this tiny bathroom
I look up in the mirror
and I see fear
in my black silver-
dollar eyes

my friends and I,
we just laugh
we speak without speaking
we’ve established
psilocybin psychic link
I know what you are thinking
and we just laugh and laugh
and laugh

I stare at my Downward Spiral
poster on bedroom wall
I watch it animate
before my eyes
and I see neon halo lights;
when I close my eyes
all is written upon lids

plucking seeds of being
from the lines upon my palm;
I see it all,
a wavy clarity

Inspired by dVerse Poets Pub’s “Poetics on DMT” post.

Jury Duty

I was a juror for the past two days

the case was boring as shit,
motor vehicle related

compensation was sought
for injuries and damages

the most interesting detail
was when the plaintiff’s lawyer
lost his cool during closing
said the defendant’s lawyer
was too young, was a Justin
Timberlake lookalike

the defendant’s lawyer objected
while we, the jurors, tried not to laugh

later, after our verdict was reached,
the Judge came and spoke to us
in Deliberation Room 309

he thanked us for our service,
for our time that would have been
better spent with family, etcetera

he invited questions
and we asked a few

he said it was a short trial,
one that really should not have
made it to the courtroom;
a waste of money, precious time

he told us his previous trial,
last week,
involved sex crimes
against children

we, the jurors, collectively sighed

we collected our smart phones and tablets
and went our separate ways


a pocket full of
match sticks

burns shelled bugs
not yet blackening
his young lungs

An angry child
playing god
a backyard monarch
lifting up logs

release through
used syringe

to saline injections —
hot salt of his tears

Revenge mis-
prayers go

with ripples
stones cast
& effects

The dying
are dead
and the living
make amends

And bugs will cozy up in skulls of the gentlest of souls.

Rock Chandelier

I am outweighed
By anchors ripping clouds
By upstanding conveyances
Sky bound

No more dismay
No more adjectives for
falling airplanes and poking at

Happy to say
The sky is the limit
Willing to break rock chandelier
with fall

By things do change
For the better if I
grab the wheel and steer this vessel
off rocks

will be that day
I’m taking back the reins
I’m melting icebergs, removing

No more dismay
The sky is the limit
Grab the reins and steer this vessel
sky bound


From my debut poetry book, FM Ghost, available online.


Toenails brittle,
jagged sheets of mica

Skin picked at, flaking,
valleys of cracked mud

Hair falling, lacking luster,
crisp October leaves

Everything disease, teeth
abscessed rotting trees

Everything’s shed
Everything’s dead
Letting go
On its way out
Not long for this space

Just a bundle
of brilliance
on a constant crash
of forward motion
Demented momentum
Looking back

Not meant for this place;
everything is crumbs

Rapid I

Remember me
for something
flitting lids

Shave my
Shed my
Does that make me
better person ?

I am
Forgetting who
I am
One cell
a time

My beating heart
I have
a soft spot
in my
Bleeding heart
For her
drying tears
Her rosy cheeks

The bad things
we do
to own
the truth

Rapid I move

Remember me