Fucked Up Vibes

Riots in the streets of Baltimore
megaphones on the steps
of my State Capitol
live testimonies from the courtroom
of the Theater Shooting Trial

and these are just a few of the many

fucked up vibes on this day
(pick a day, any day)
these are just a few of the many

All is not right in the world


The Only Thing

It’s time
to stop this
to stop digging
& fill in these ruts
once & fuck all
with concrete
it is time
to create
to fan the flame
that has been snuffed
it is time to do
fuck the don’ts
can’ts & won’ts
time to stop
this lip pouting
& looking back
enough yellowed
photographic memories
& frayed futures

now is the only thing

Dinosaur Bones

I passed by the playground where you played
right before your sister was born
the one with dinosaur bones in the sand
and you brought your remote control car

we went back there once five years later
and you and your sister dug in the sand for coins
and you both climbed those dinosaur bones

I had to slow for the dip or I would’ve missed it
I have to slow for the dip before I miss it

I know exactly where I am, and I am on an old path