The boy with his eyes sewn shut turns to the girl
and asks, Why are you crying?
I am so blind, but I can still hear the discomfort
in the tone of your voice.

Fool, you cannot see where you went wrong
that one morning when you left me in the cold?

No, but I heard your troubled footsteps
as you inched further away from me.

I’m sorry
Why did you leave me
I said I’m sorry
in the cold?
But I’m sorry
Why did I trust you?
Said I’m sorry
Never again

The boy with two things turns to the girl with none
and she confronts him:
What if you were forced to choose between
these things you so much love?

Fool, you cannot make choices like that in this life –
I just don’t think I could.

No, but what if you were to lose both things at once
and were left with nothing at all?

I’m sorry
Your addiction
I said I’m sorry
is all you care of
But I’m sorry
You’re in your own world
Said I’m sorry
and I can’t stay there

So now it’s over
So now your world ends
So now your body dies
So now your soul goes on

So you must live with this.


2 thoughts on “Addict

  1. This is such a deep piece. There are so many layers to peel back and think about, so many emotions, and all with minimal words. Love this a lot!

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