Toasted Currency

Putting money where the mouth is
hiss, a pat of butter, in the pan
hand-in-hand, crisp bills ready to be fried

wide-eyed & holy belly
jelly spread on toasted currency
tea, pot whistling on the stove top

chop green peppered breakfast,
what-next fantasies, & sprinkle
single most important deal today

allay those hunger pangs as self is served


Marian over at runaway sentence challenged me to write another chain rhyme (a challenging, but fun form) this weekend, and here’s what I came up with. Read hers — an homage to The Dark Tower — here. The chain rhyme form was first brought to my attention by Evelyn over at Filling a Hole. Read one of her chain rhymes here.


4 thoughts on “Toasted Currency

  1. oh, man, now i’m hungry! i love this. especially that middle stanza and most especially “holy belly jelly spread on toasted currency tea” so unexpected! yay.
    i might not be able to stop. help!

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