Shriveled Centerpiece

No matter how low
on the rung
I think I may be
at present
I still remember
my roots

working drive-thru
fast food
15 years old

on a busy night
seemed like
a million
just wanted
pasta & bread sticks

a line of cars
all the way
passed the dumpster
(where, inconsequentially,
next to, I would partake
of mood altering substances)

I straight walked out
one day
set my headset
down on the prep table
said “fuck this shit”
walked out the door
and lit a cigarette

came back
the next day
clocked in
like nothing ever happened
because they appreciated
my hard work
and job skills

I’d show myself
by shoving cheesecake
into mouth
in walk-in freezer

& stealing money
from colleague’s
for a quarter bag

my retribution
my karmic payback
an old man
at drive-thru window
flashed me his junk
a shriveled centerpiece

well, anyways
things are so much
more professional
aren’t they?


One thought on “Shriveled Centerpiece

  1. Man- this is excellent. Probably my face of yours so far. I loved how you said about how things these days are so much more professional ( I guess – meaning that they aren’t really) I sometimes feel like I get shown my bosses ‘junk’ daily- ha ha- great stuff

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