Palm Reading

Staring at my hand,
I’m reading not my future
nor my past

but this very moment

lines upon my palm;
I see it all
a certain wavy clarity

I see it all in the
lines upon my palms
at this moment
universes are expanding,
contained in my right hand

I see it all
by myself
in this tiny bathroom
I look up in the mirror
and I see fear
in my black silver-
dollar eyes

my friends and I,
we just laugh
we speak without speaking
we’ve established
psilocybin psychic link
I know what you are thinking
and we just laugh and laugh
and laugh

I stare at my Downward Spiral
poster on bedroom wall
I watch it animate
before my eyes
and I see neon halo lights;
when I close my eyes
all is written upon lids

plucking seeds of being
from the lines upon my palm;
I see it all,
a wavy clarity

Inspired by dVerse Poets Pub’s “Poetics on DMT” post.