Neon Bug Catcher

I am a neon bug catcher
catching all the things I do not want

I am deep woods mosquito repellent
attracting all the itchy bites

I am what I need to be
and everything I am not

I could try several notches harder
at the same time I could do much worse

I have so many goal posts
I don’t have a fucking clue

I want it all on a shiny platter
I want nothing at all

Turquoise Lake Haiku

Learning to let go
is harder than holding on;
routine vs. roulette

*** *** ***

Campground hosts walking
arm in arm before sunset;
a day’s work behind

*** *** ***

Trees sway in the breeze
ten thousand feet above sea;
Rocky Mountain high

*** *** ***

I rub worry stone
when happy, when I am sad;
its smoothness grounds me