Turquoise Lake Haiku

Learning to let go
is harder than holding on;
routine vs. roulette

*** *** ***

Campground hosts walking
arm in arm before sunset;
a day’s work behind

*** *** ***

Trees sway in the breeze
ten thousand feet above sea;
Rocky Mountain high

*** *** ***

I rub worry stone
when happy, when I am sad;
its smoothness grounds me


Brazenly Anew

It is
never enough
until it is too much –
want more, until passed out on floor.
No more

And your
eyes cradle such
contemptuousness, paired
only with the hypocrisy
you stow

sleep comes to wash away the day;
mistakes make paint for dreams,
coloring in

then can I rid myself of the
crimson hue and crooked
brush strokes you draw
me with

Because when I’m freed
from your contrasted palette
my mind is at ease,

Now I find myself
staring at this blank canvas,
creating anew

© Steve Shultz and Christopher Rupley