Temperate Lichen

Rising over violent squall
gravel on my windshield
highway near the ocean
rain slows to a drizzle
I sight a sign of hesitation
step into temperate lichen

boardwalk practical
designed to be magical
morphing into staircase
twisting within murmuring creek
without anyone breathe deep
drawing in cedar on the air

waves crashing on remote coast
it’s busy season, visitors near & far
in search of immersion why not go all in
here I am dead between the open ocean
& imagining lonely tidal youthful looks
end of the road on massive wooden dock

tuning forks emit low sound
a shuddering luxury
an excellent vantage point
driftwood thunder washed ashore
with the enthusiasm of black seas rocks
in reflection of graveyard lighthouse

see it firsthand at crack of dawn
seethe & foam mesmerizing moments
sneaky operator clanging buoy in background
aquarium throws parity nudging starfish
spurning relative calm of violent oxygen
clouds hang billowing posing for a landscape



Return to Asphalt 

shut down
asphalt modified
decided focused efforts
racing dirt
New Egypt
gave several reasons
modified weekend
native running
Saturday nights
four tires minimum
dirt race season
right front payout
enjoy the challenge
get there every week
and you’re struggling
just to qualify
transitioning trickier
mud all over
a little bit of getting used to
but we made the transition
it’s close to home
as far as returning to asphalt
isn’t ruling anything out
maybe someday my phone
will ring again
until then enjoy slinging dirt