Swept Away

Floating without
surrender to life

junkie like me, this
was pure

fellow passenger
I, zodiac

memorable trip
tantalizing isolation
feeling distinctly unsettl ed

island under skin
chasing after
cover story

remind me of a midsummer-night’s dream?


Sculpt me
in something
other than

your preconceived
clay perceptions
watered down

damaged cover
ripped off to be
sold marked down

fuck me
in something other
than resentment

god damn you
for changing your mind
when you broadcast your resolve

sandwiched between
morally acceptable
& socially irreversible

one will find the truth
in excess or
at least in an excuse

find your muse
in a bottle
or in a fuse

mind your q’s
silence your sighs
just don’t do what you please


Looking for
I am feeling
of purpose
Of feeling
I am meaning
To do something
I am lapsing in
My judgement
I am lacking
As a husband
A father
As a self, myself
I am battling in my health
A child’s laugh
Makes me smile
But now my tears
Are all grown up
I’m all grown up
But now my tears
are welling up

I’ve been gone too long
now it’s time to come back home