Pancreatic Care Package

Wrapped up
in insulin
wool blank and comatose
this pancreatic care package
still life

I been
dealing with this
over twenty five years
my organs aged and fermented
like wine

No cure
in sight, besides
vision is not so sharp
calluses on fingers, I am

Wrap me
up in million
butterfly kiss bandaids
tears are not measured in drops of
blood drawn

High, low
I react to
chemical reaction
roller coaster is not exact

inconclusive at core
orange juice savior come stop these sweats
and shakes

Oh sweet
come sweep me off my feet
my head becomes too heavy to

tip of iceberg
only so much soul seeps
Through with this, hands thrown up to sky severed

But I
would rather live
with this than live without
don’t want to succumb to a lack
of ease


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