Trip / reset


Trip / reset
clearing of the cobwebs
I am new
different from yesterday
I am complete
I am seeing things
I’ve never seen

Trip / reset
a changing of the guards
I am true
listening to my heart
I am whole
I am being things
I’ve never been

Trip / reset
this is balm
for my stubbed-toe spirit
skipping stones
across reflective ponds
but this body
is a vast lake

Trip / reset
it is not cavalier
I like the spontaneity
of this decision
I am at peace at sea
though this water
is fresh

Trip / reset
let me leave my worries
at the shore
like drops of blood
from feet cut
walking on
sharpened stones

I want to bring the beach home
all these ideas are not my own

Flip / eject
reset negative mindset


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