In the Mood

Lapping down the wrong path
cackling when no one else is laughing

drooling down the wrong mouth
curmudgeon when no one else is looking

standing straight in church when
everyone else is kneeling on the pews

pretending all is right
smiling when jaw is dislocated

pretensing all is right
flexing when no reflex is needed

hiding all the black within
when beauty is obvs so skin deep

bleeding out metaphorically
your heart when it beats figuratively

looking in the mirror when
you are in no mood for bad luck

I am in the mood
to make my own

I am of the right mind
to send you packing

fear you are a motherfucker
I want to pay you no mind

you are a home intruder
I want to shoot you on sight

I plan to live my life
and bury you in a box

I plan to be just fine
and watch you sink at sea

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