My head is buzzing
my ears are ringing
my limbs are numb
and I am dumbstruck
all I can think about is her
her smooth skin
her soft lips
her dance around me
her sparkle
her stealing of the show
the way she rocks that dress
the way she’s ready to go
she is the center of the room
and my universe
she rocks it
she rocks that dress
and she rocks this very room
when she
kisses me
she leaves me breathless
and wanting more
she leaves me
a puddle on the floor

leaves me
and wanting more


I pick up the pieces
of the broken frame
ever so carefully.

The shards of glass
and coarse splinters crawl
their way inside my skin,

and I forget the rage
that sent the picture
flying across the room,

as my mind forges
yet another brisk
memory —
one that eats me

and calls me
a glutton.

Parts of my past —
the hoarse whispers —
crawl their way between
the vestiges of
memory imprisoned
inside me,

and become screams,
drowning out the clouds
of who I used to be,
and in a lightning flash of clarity,

I am free,

no longer framed in glass and wood

© Steve Shultz and Christopher Rupley 2015

(This is a collaborative work with Christopher Rupley. Check out his work here.)

With the Lights Out 

The power went out
so we spent the night
lighting candles and
making up stories

no Xbox
no PS3
no PC
no music
just you & me
and them
and no electricity

we had more fun
than we’d had in years
if we could only unplug
on demand we would be free

a mere few hours without power
read about the dark ages
but can’t imagine living
with torches & cold water

one night without lights
if we could only surrender
our technological advances
our spoils of riches

maybe we could be free
maybe we could be free of
we were free for one night

for a few hours we were free