8.19.15 (2)



Tarnished Amendments

Imagine me
mirror image
you do not want to see

Pick on me
schoolyard bully

you don’t want to be
is hidden in the folds
of your pain,
past the scabs on
your psyche

I was laughing at the urinal.
I was the only one there to
compare to,
but I still found fault in
my inner heart

I still found fault in myself,
and you,
hurting next to our threats,
cowering behind the fools
whose words were molded from such
warped mouths

You talk a lot,
and loud,
but your message
I’m not hearing.
I’m too busy veering
from the left side of you

And into an oasis
that exists separate from
our patterned suffering,

A mosaic of misfortune,
and an exhibit of
a broken bone…

© Christopher Rupley and Steve Shultz 2015

(This is a collaborative poetic work between myself and poet Christopher Rupley. Please check out his other work here.)


it’s ok to be cliche
live, love & light
do the best you can
& be a nice person
but most days it’s either
not enough
or it is simply unobtainable

stay above water
provide food & shelter
life, love & light
yet I’m still running from something
got it all
of course it’s not enough

I’m being pulled in one direction
& I push
a door opens & I’m afraid
to look inside
the answer is in plain sight
but I’m still asking questions

oarless, treading puddles in this
backwards way of life
& that’s not fine
yes we are afloat
but we are dead inside & bloated
destined to complain
so bullheaded resolute, so fruitless
so effortless & fallen by the wayside