Drop of June

mixed up fate
listen closely
this might be important
turn to screams
smudging the edges
cracking the mirror
blonde ambition
the roots are starting to show
two fingers
of all that’s left
pour me another
inch of courage
I swallowed the last
drop of June
spring is gone
awake in August
don’t stay here and waste
your life
take the flight
shake the sick bag dreams
a yellow butterfly
blink of eye
in arms reach
shaking a cough
shaking bad vibe
along for ride
just like a shadow
away from formula
separating mouth from nipple
I’ve no lungs
but I’m breathing in deep
fresh air
take me where
I am to depart
just one more
to ease my sore
to inch me more complete

my shoes are spotted
so’s my path
it’s all gone
it’s all gone and this is
all I ever was


One thought on “Drop of June

  1. “…it’s all gone
    it’s all gone and this is
    all I ever was

    That is a powerful ending. I’m headed to a BBQ 4th celebration and now wish I wasn’t because that makes me want to write!

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