When at Standstill




to take sips of water
to breathe deep in my lungs
to watch the crosswalk
to be anything at all

she reminds me

to wake up
& not stay up too late

to take up
all that belongs to me
to fight for
what it means to me

to swallow
& to suck it up

to be unlike the other ones

to keep my head up
to buy new work clothes
to show up at all
is half the fuckin battle

but. she. reminds. me.

to compromise
to pick my battles
to not count my apples

she tells me to be quiet
when need for silence
she tells me to speak up
when throat is sore

to put the lid down
to count my blessings



reminds me

she is the better part
& the only part
worth keeping

she know that that is a lie
she knows the ugly parts
of me

she know how to dissect me
& how to put me back together

she reminds me
how to set back in motion


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