One Hundred Words


She plucks me tenderly
the heart strings of her harp


I am the forgotten jigsaw piece
her polished fingernail


The overweight cat bathes itself on broken blue rocking chair


wishing it was Friday
and I’m already dreading Monday


Open arms routine
throwing away
the random and the new


Perspective is a glass debating the volume of its contents


how many minutes am I worth
of yr time


Just realized on Thursday that we had tacos on Tuesday


Run out of ideas
I am ice-picking your brain


Throat’s raw with overindulgence
like the taste of blood

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Poems inspired by dVerse Poets Pub’s “tenWord” poetics prompt.


12 thoughts on “One Hundred Words

  1. ha. let monday worry about itself…i really like that jigsaw piece under the fingernail one…it leads to a larger story…ice picking your brain…ha…now that is quite vivid…and the last one has a bit of dexter in it….

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