Wiped Clean

Moments recordednick-gentry
painted over

a metaphor
for a life
to strive for


wiping ourselves clean

*** *** *** ***

Image courtesy Nick Gentry. Poem inspired by dVerse Poets Pub’s poetics prompt.


16 thoughts on “Wiped Clean

  1. i would take creativity over tech anyday, though i guess they interact as well…
    writing over…if only we could…there is always those data stamps left though to remind us and can be dug out of what was there before…

  2. Back in the day when collage was the rave, when we pasted over random images we weaved together into a new whole, a whole new reality, & Nick’s work seems to take this premise, this concept, & moves it on to a next level; your poetics capture that moment of Artistic truth beautifully, truthfully, without a plethora of words.

  3. You know, sometimes it would be good to be able to wipe ourselves clean, wouldn’t it? Perhaps that is what new year is about, don’t you think? We all have a fresh slate once a year…….

  4. It is amazing really, the artistry that an imaginative mind can create with technology. At least two examples here. The artistry of Nick Gentry. Like a modern Pointilism artist, he takes small bits and pieces, scraps of film, credit cards and notes, and places them in a manor that when viewed from a step back, morph to become a portrait. The second thing credited to technology is the poem, typewritten and able to be shared on the web for all to view. Rather cool topic to think and write about!

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