Sick again. sick still. seven consecutive days of exaggerated hell. contagious. outrage. demon germs flap threadbare wings across my household. every one’s affected. every one’s infected. wincing with every cough, rib cage rattles with air stolen through a pinhole. throat’s raw. chest is bruised. if my soul had a color it would be mucus green. i watch it swirl down the bathtub drain as i breathe the shower’s steam. praise the corporate lord for sick days. over-the-counter healing. hard to pronounce. too many vowels. dextromethorphan. guaifenesin. phenylephrine. doxylamine succinate. acetaminophen. ibuprofin. pseudoephedrine. drinking herbal tea. drinking herbal tea. herbal tea, herbal tea, come and save me. the body heals itself. time heals everything. my mind is playing tricks on me. temporary. insanity. wellness is a lost lover and I am hopelessly awaiting her return.


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