Old Times’ Sake

So many things I wanna know
do ghosts do

do they yawn
get tired of hanging on

do they get scared
grab their tightened chests
in panic

do they have trouble breathing
do they miss their meds
do they ever not have regrets

do they worry about spouses
paying bills on time

do they nap
do they worry about fresh sheets
and breath and armpits

do they feel sexually awkward
do they visit old lovers
or pursue new ones

do they loiter inside their
favorite Chinese restaurant
watching people eat
stealing others’ fortunes

do they sit in the backs of movie theaters
nodding off to second-run films
do their feet stick to the floors

do they read the classifieds for old times’ sake

do they grab their favorite pint
off the liquor store shelf wondering
how in the hell they’re going to drink it

do they wonder what went right
or only what went wrong

so many things I wanna know do ghosts do


2 thoughts on “Old Times’ Sake

  1. Joe Hill actually wrote a short story that reminds me of this poem. Have you ever read “20th Century Ghost”? (He’s Stephen King’s son. I’ve actually never read anything by Stephen King, but I like his son’s writing.)

    • Indeed I have. I totally thought of that story when I wrote the line about the movie theater. I’m a big fan of Stephen King, and Joe Hill. I really like the graphic novel he wrote, “Locke & Key.”

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