I am

it’s funny
how little
I care about sports

Broncos are on

third game
of the season
2-0, that much I know

first game I’ve
to even “watch”

I listen
to the

play by play
4th and 12
means nothing to me

instead, I bury
my eyes
in laptop

to write
some poetry

the only thing
that captures
my attention

is the intentional
of the commercials

screaming at me
with music
the same kind

of music
steadying heartbeats
at Starbucks

prompting me
to buy
shit I don’t need

shit I can’t
shit I need to be real

telling me to buy
the official
beer of the NFL

so I might drink
and forget that football
players are human too

they drink and drive
and do drugs
they beat women

and get concussed
and are carted
off the field

a slap on the wrist
a few games off
and an 8-figure penalty

yeah I am
an anomaly to think
such things


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