Free Verse

If you’re good at something
don’t do it for free,
I’ve heard them say
yeah well no one is paying me
to transcribe my thoughts

maybe my ideas aren’t good enough
for them
but they are mine
maybe it’s their interests are fucked
no one buys books of poetry,
they say
yeah well no one wants to pay for anything
no one wants to milk a fucking cow
yet no one’s getting free soy milk
either are they

how much is my poem worth
how much per word
depends, how much did it move you
what’s more, how much
did it move me
to set it free

instead of begging for bit coins
on digital soap box,
I’m kickstarting my own
doing something that pays

fuck it if I don’t have
a pop following
I know people read me
I know they’re real like me
and for that I thank you,
each and every one

I would never dream of wasting time,
not yours, not mine;
and of you I do not expect a dime


4 thoughts on “Free Verse

  1. It is so hard being a poet. Such trivial things are bought and sold with fervent passion yet words borne of passion seem to be worth nothing more than the paper (or digital ink) they’re written on. Sad state of priorities. If I had more coin I’d toss them your way 🙂

  2. Only recently I thought about self publishing a chapbook on Kindle. I mean, why not? I’ve never tried to write for the presses because I’m too sentimental. Fuck ’em. I love what you do. Keep doing it always. ❤ (Apologies, I'm so far behind in my readings of others.)

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