News Junky

The deaths of six wild horses
Rob Zombie crowdfunds killer clown movie
Burton’s movie might retroactively mark the moment
where it was to evacuate two Americans infected with Ebola
MTV Showed Dead Man’s Body
neighbors concerned about chive fest
more than just Hollywood’s sanguine Colonel Sanders
It nabbed 1 billion Twitter impressions
deliberately left blank spaces
After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today
the infant was left brain dead
The actor, along with Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar,
had signed an open letter denouncing Israeli military
From the annals of reality show nightmares
entire teenage pop culture prism
Pine sawfly reaches ‘epidemic’ levels
giant turns to its insurer
defoliating ponderosa pines south
virgin territory
cease-fire in the Gaza conflict early
The OSI Group, one of the top meat
Shaq & Waka Flaka Sued For Mocking
shorter previous cease-fire that fell apart
Justin & Orlando
right to make end-of-life decisions

*Disclaimer: This poem is made entirely from copied & pasted news headlines and phrases from news & celebrity news articles.


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