Jury Duty

I was a juror for the past two days

the case was boring as shit,
motor vehicle related

compensation was sought
for injuries and damages

the most interesting detail
was when the plaintiff’s lawyer
lost his cool during closing
said the defendant’s lawyer
was too young, was a Justin
Timberlake lookalike

the defendant’s lawyer objected
while we, the jurors, tried not to laugh

later, after our verdict was reached,
the Judge came and spoke to us
in Deliberation Room 309

he thanked us for our service,
for our time that would have been
better spent with family, etcetera

he invited questions
and we asked a few

he said it was a short trial,
one that really should not have
made it to the courtroom;
a waste of money, precious time

he told us his previous trial,
last week,
involved sex crimes
against children

we, the jurors, collectively sighed

we collected our smart phones and tablets
and went our separate ways


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