what will you do
when you find it?

Will you swish it
around in your mouth,
savor the taste?

Will you spit
or will you swallow

Will you compare it
to past experiences,

Will you consume
it all, to last drop
and still desire more?

Or will you be whole
and perfectly content

Or will you stay a hole
a cavity, a fissure
a cemetery plot never to be filled

what will you do
without it.


One thought on “W(H)ole

  1. I was actually struck by the way you titled this piece – I have never met another person besides myself who will deconstruct and restructure the meaning of a word to split it this way (I always try for the #3 – three ways to see it – three ways to examine – past, present – future – blah blah blah)

    Loved this piece.


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