Solstice Fire

Feet firm
hands grabbing
from sky hangings
master crafter
spreading roots
extending branches
admiring from afar
dissecting from within
navel gazing
rocking through the waves
this dual sea
rowing with splintered paddle
rowing nonetheless
waves crash
mist upon face
warming hands
inner flame
(in her flame)
releasing pain
& pleasure same
these friendships
are the skin
the tendons
keeping bones
in place
the marrow
this is fire
it is food
warm your hands
upon it
burn your bad
inside it
breathe the smoke
and see you free


12 thoughts on “Solstice Fire

  1. nice…the clipped lines work really well in this…def makes for a quick pace…
    some nice zingers in there…like friendships being the what keep the bones in place…
    rowing even if you have a splintered paddle…ha…got to make it somehow…

  2. Love the cadence in these short lines, staccato and rapid fire, breathing life into this fire… and i love these lines at the end, “burn your bad inside it”

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