I’m horrible at names
but I dig your accent
I don’t mean to be ignorant
but I’ve some questions to ask

like where are you from
and what is it like there

I want to go there, too
I’ve a wanderlust
want to get the fuck out
or bust

touch the clouds
but I’ve no wings
never even
been on an airplane

I’m rubbing my hands together
trying to undefine these lifelines

so with my feet
on the ground I go on

trying to tickle my fancy
fuel my muse
until I get there
but I am awake
I am already where I need to be

so when I sleep
I will dream of wings


and that’s just fine
and that’s just right

because when I awake
I am exactly where I want to be

so many people
people to meet
there is no need
to fly, just fade away

me, a tourist?
filing meaning
with snapshots
and colorful appetites

I’ve a bad stomach
chewing antacids
before this battle of the senses

so many people
at my front door
I’ll just suck
all their stories through a straw

like I’m kicked back in a deck chair
soaking up the sun’s rays

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