One of my fondest memories,
playing memory.
I remember the blue-and-white
checkered backs,
and the windmills especially.

We played
go fish, gin rummy,
cards, boards & puzzles;
you taught them all to me,
and you genuinely loved to play.

Much later,
I taught you video games.
mortal combat,
flawless victory;
I beat you every time,
maybe sparing fatality.

But you didn’t even care.
you taught me it doesn’t matter
if you win or if you lose;
it’s the fun you have playing the game.

You were never too busy to play with me.

And now I try to pass this trait on.
I love to play games with my kids;
your grandchildren.
I don’t give a damn if I lose,
but sometimes I struggle with the too busy part.

I’ll have to work on that one,
along with my memory.
It’s not as sharp as it used to be,
but I’ll always remember playing with you.

And I know if I came over right now,
board game under arm
rang the bell and asked you to play,
you would be game.


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