Needing escape
from cubicle ambiance
& desktop tedium
I came outside
to get inspired

a breath of fresh air, an afternoon walk

but there’s not much to see
out here either
I guess it must be
my attitude that’s fucked

the sun is shining
the street performers
play their violins
push their books & pamphlets
people enjoy ice cream, cold drinks
play chess on stone boards
smoke their cigarettes

I watch the buses go east, go west;
an endless loop

I sit here observing
not participating
for a riot to incite
for something to ignite
inside me


backed in a corner, and here I am
walking around in a circle


2 thoughts on “Loop

    • It’s hard sometimes! I’m really pushing to do this poem a day thing, but I hope I’m able to keep it up when April ends. I’ve had some looong lulls. I really appreciate all your comments, btw. I want to check out more of your work as well.

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