Survival of the Selfie

We are prepared for the wrong things
board meetings
and tall lattes
coming in on Saturday
late and hungover on Monday
unsolicited sex night Friday
overeating on holidays
trips to target on weekends
time to buy more cat food
we’re out of toilet paper again
we need peanut butter
can you pick up more diapers
I need my prescriptions refilled
we wouldn’t last two seconds
when the shit hits the fan
when the dead start to walk
when the banks all collapse
when we run lawless in streets
when it’s free for all
when it’s all for none
we wouldn’t make it a day
when it all starts to change
before we burn and we drown
we’d kill each other first
with our bare hands
with our last words
we are not prepared
for giving things up
trivial things
meaningless things
we are not prepared
for bare essentials
for living humbly
for putting others first
fuck being fit
it’s survival of the selfie
when everybody’s gone
we’ll be too busy taking pictures
tweeting out our dying breaths
just so long as there’s one more left
to read our final status update
to know we really cared


3 thoughts on “Survival of the Selfie

  1. I am simply blown away with the strength of this piece. What a barely harnessed emotional expression. It’s like an animal of a poem, a wild colt tightening the reins to the breaking point. So sharp, again, fractured phrases cutting the skin.

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