Drawn, Quartered

We lost it up there
in the fire
in the flood
the curse to care
ability to feel
in the canyon
in the cabin
in the board room
in the bedroom
we lost it down there
the feeling
this magic momentary lapse
can’t feel my legs
her hands, my face
still looking for a reason
looking for a hook
to hang upon all sorrow
looking for IT
the thing to make parts whole

grown man
no kidding
grown mad
afraid to jump
across lily pad gap
finds self pushed
lung collapsed
ladder splintered courage
laughter, limping laughter
leaps and bound
free-falling from a tree house
sharp rocks where grass should pad
broken ambitions
fractures compound
skin discarded cellophane
this joke I am
trying to keep myself in one piece
drawn and quartered
in all directions
like painted sun rays
in one place
one pretty canvas
what a bullshit joke
this vitriol we spit
reserved for within
pointed dagger handles
not happy with
not happy with what’s inside
so we venture out
try to color out-
side carryout boxes

we lost it up there
in the rafters
on the rooftop
crack the sidewalk
walking limp ropes
the act to breathe
the risk to fall
the chance to be anybody
at all but what we bleed
we lost it over there
in the field of discontent
bored ideas
and failed feelings
dug a ditch to bury truth’s body
shot through the head gangland
gagged and bound to come out

somewhere along the way
learning to love this
rotting carcass
caricature of carving
nature’s knife
cuts deep
a lot to live up to
cracked and absorbed
we are a porous lot
so afraid to give
terrified to accept

we lost it up there
the will to live


2 thoughts on “Drawn, Quartered

  1. Hey, I really liked this piece! Love the “We lost it” repetition that comes back at the end. Cool diction, too. “rotting carcass/caricature of carving” has cool alliteration. Good stuff!

    I’m Tyler, one of the editors for Bard Publishing, and we’re looking for talent from outside our immediate area (currently, the Monterey Bay, California area) to publish on our blog and eventually in print editions of our zine “Indecent”. Our goal is to build a community of writers, artists and like minds in order to take over the world, or something. At the very least, we just want to hear and be heard, and to allow others a space to do the same. To inform the populace that it’s time to step up our game. If you’d like to contribute anything to the community, hop on over to our blog, check out what we’re about, and you’ll find all the info you need to submit work and whatnot.

    Everything is a Construction / Buildings can be Broken,


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