Red Stag

Grocery shopping is much more fun after a shooter of Red Stag,
I say, relishing warmth of belly as cold
hands grip frozen metal handle, King Soopers shopping cart,
thumb scrolls mobile list of mid-weekly essentials:
Trash bags bread milk 3
bags frozen vegetables
pasta and sauce Bocas or
hot dogs bananas apples
or berries
Bell peppers
…maybe a snack
kind of thing. No cereal,
then I’ll be forced to make
oatmeal for the rest of the
Organic, I’m trying to eat healthier
what about processed foods? are organic
processed foods even a true statement?
don’t forget the trash bags, and chips
I want some goddamn chips when I get home,
and some Rolling Rock.
Over in the eggs, I hear a man use the wrong word,
a made-up word, and he laughs, and I laugh
and life is good as I reach for my organic milk.
I grab a handful of snack-sized cheddar cheese
& I head down the magazine aisle, when my eyes are diverted
by a pale, busty, hollow-cheeked model on the cover of a magazine,
sealed in plastic just like my food.
The selling point is a tattooed crest below her naval,
extending all the way down.
“Bound by Ink”
and I think, I’m suddenly interested in getting myself a tattoo.


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