I find it easier
to appreciate
life’s beauty
at bedtime

watching my
tired lids
ease shut

caressing their
soft locks of hair

their tiny
resting hands

tired from
a day long
from building
video game
petting cats
& banging out
unwritten songs
on random

the best conversations
before sleep
takes over

my son counts
off days
and tells me
he went
from nonbeliever
to believer
in the space of
two years

asks me
what is the definition
of dissipate

I tell him,
kiss his forehead
and tell him
“go to sleep”

and in the morning
we will wake
and begin anew

& dream of things throughout the day
& on & on we go

4 thoughts on “Dissipate

  1. I love how that long rambling middle stanza of the things they do makes the whole poem playful and ties together the two sides, the awake and the asleep, together. Makes it a cohesive multi-layered emotional landscape.

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