Go ask Alice
she oughta know
who she is
the very definition of
of curious and curiouser
pretending to be
someone you aren’t
you ought to be ashamed
you don’t know east
from south
big head
deserves a big hat
mad, mad, mad
what is she doing
with my darling?
dogs will believe
I better
have a look
what do you call
wanting to wake up
from this
a river bound
by enchantment
she is not
the wrong one
throwing tea cups
at the head
of the table
I have no clue
why a raven
is like
a writing desk
I don’t know
perhaps you should
ask Alice
my Scottish accent
is no good
and my
is worse
you are late
for tea
all together now
don’t go off
and lose
your head

we all are mad
losing touch
with muchness

*Mostly comprised of Alice and Wonderland dialogue. Inspired by dVerse Poets Pub’s “Alice” prompt.


9 thoughts on “Alice

  1. smiles… sometimes we’re all a bit mad indeed..and in some of the characters i find pieces of myself as well…even though i don’t like it…scottish accent or not…smiles… and i’m always late for tea you know… share a cup..? smiles

    • Thank you, Claudia! That’s OK. I didn’t link up initially because I’ve been such a stranger lately … but I still wanted to try the prompt. I want to get back in to it and visit all my old friends’ blogs; been missing the dVerse crew. I’ve been out of the loop for a while! Thanks for the encouragement. 😀

  2. great closing line steve…i think we def have lost touch with our muchness…and gone a bit crazy….how have you been? saw you in franks mag/book the other day and wondered where you had been…

    • Thanks, Brian! Yeah I have been out of the loop for a while now, but I’ve been good. Haven’t been writing as much as I used to; trying to re-find my muse. Thanks for asking! I’ll try not to be such a stranger; I miss you guys!

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