I have a confession
to make:
I hate poetry

it’s a struggle
to read
& write just the same

I am not moved
by most
of the poems I read

either there’s no soul,
spirit stripped
from each stanza
like a ghost
rattling Times New Roman chains,

or I just can’t relate

I had a normal childhood,
my parents raised me right
I was never beaten
or raped
or bullied
or put out on the street

so why bother?

why do my words
come out in broken

probably for the same reason
I wanted to be a journalist,
work for the newspaper

it defies logic

so if you’re reading this
right now
and you want to stop,
and your eyes are glazed over
and you wonder why
you clicked here in the first place,

I completely understand


2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Ah. Love this. Fucking right.
    You are so amazing to me.
    Sharp and ahhhhh just so good.
    “Like a ghost rattling Times New Roman chains”
    Steve, you are a tremendous poet.
    Its so raw, its like pulp. And the title takes it to a whole new level for me, brings instant tears to my eyes.

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